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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Glad Tidings

This is my first meeting with the popular author Debbie Macomber. She is, in fact, one of my mother's very favorite authors. I enjoyed the lightness of these two holiday books in one...There's Something About Christmas and Here Comes Trouble but (and that is a big but) I did not find them wonderful. They are both predictable and yet you want to finish anyway...well at least I did. I have been informed that the Cove Series and Blossom Street Series are where this author comes into her own. So I am reserving judgement until I do read them.

There's Something About Christmas finds reporter Emma Collins getting her first good assignment interviewing three finalists in a nationwide fruitcake contest from her state of Washington. Problem is that Emma does not like Christmas or fruitcake or flying. Her boss arranges for her to be flown to each of the three finalist with small plane pilot Oliver and his sidekick dog Oscar. He is arrogant and irritating to Emma. 

Here Comes Trouble is a moment for Maryanne and Nolan to look back and tell their children the story of how they met and fell in love. Coming from totally different backgrounds started out as an obstacle but love can win over anything.

If you like very light romances, you will enjoy these and, if not, give them a miss.


Nancy said...

I LOVE DEBBIE MACOMBER. I have not read a book of hers that I don't like but I started with A Shop A Good Yarn, which I know you have since I brought it to you a few years ago. Read it next then judge.
Love you Miss Pickels

Elizabethd said...

I so agree with you Heidi. I find some of Debbie's books contain very little....but, the Cedar Cove books were great favourites. You need to read them in the right order. The Blossom St ones are quite nice too.