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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress

When I started listening to The Wedding Dress, I had to get over the phony southern accent used by the narrator. Eventually, the story started to become magical enough to make me forget the irritation of her accent.

Charlotte Malone owns a wedding boutique. She is famous for being able to always find the perfect wedding gown for her clients. But she herself is unable to find the right gown for her upcoming wedding to Tim.

Tim decides out of the blue that he only wants to remain friends and not get married after all.

At an auction, Charlotte buys an old chest which is welded shut. She takes what felt like a very long time in the book to open the chest but finally calls on Tim to help her get it open. What she finds inside is a vintage wedding dress that looks brand new. While looking into who the previous owner of the dress was, a story of three brides begins to unravel in front of her. A story that could lead to a major discovery in her own life.

This is one of those books that reflects a parallel story along with present day. We hear the story of Emily and her engagement to Phillip alongside the story of Charlotte buying the chest. You know the connection must be that the dress Charlotte will find in the crate will be Emily's as you read and wait for the story of the connection. But you are brought to meet Hillary as the owner of the wedding dress when Charlotte finally opens the welded chest. Rhe story takes a mysterious twist as we hear Hillary's love story and how she got the dress and how. This takes us to meet Mary Grace and her husband. A dress made back in 1912 becomes a special garment with a magical quality.....

Happy reading!