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Monday, August 8, 2011

Key Lime Pie Murder

Key Lime Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen Mysteries)

Many years ago, I discovered the author Monica Ferris and her cozy mysteries set in a cross stitch shop. This started a love affair with cozies. I got my mother hooked and we started buying many of the cozy mysteries and swapping them with each other. One of our favorites has been the Hannah Swensen Mysteries by Joanne Fluke.  She brought me two that we had not read yet when she came to visit last year. While at first, we were getting them as they came out, we lost track as we started to add more and more cozy mysteries to our lists.

Hannah owns a cookie shop called The Cookie Jar in Lake Eden, Minnesota. She has a cuddly big tomcat called Moishe and not one but two men in her life who both want to marry her. The inhabitants of Lake Eden come to life in these books. If you have never read one, I would recommend you get a hold of them to read in order as the characters do build up in each of them.

Hannah finds herself being a judge for the baking contests at the county fair. There are two other judges, Pam and Willa, who test taste with her each day as the fair progresses. But one evening after closing Hannah witnesses pieces of a murder...that of her fellow judge Willa. As she starts to investigate Willa's death, many secrets begin to come to light but will she discover the final secret in time to escape from the hands of Willa's killer?

This was once again a wonderful, light and fun mystery to read. Joanne Fluke uses humor in her books as well as building up the suspense of an old fashioned whodunit. Any cat lover has to appreciate her friendship with beloved Moishe and there are recipes galore to boot. All around another great Joanne Fluke book!

Happy reading!


Elizabethd said...

This is an author that I havent come across before. I must look and see if they are available on Book depository. Thanks for the recommendation, Heidi.

Nancy said...

I read this one quite a while ago, so now you brought it all back to me with your review. They are all very good.
I am reading one of our Bennie books now, it is Tumbling Blocks. Earlene Fowler is author of this series, also some of our favorites. They also should be read in order. I got this one from the library, so won't be passing it on.
Love you, Mom

Annie said...

I just discovered your third blog, Heidi and I'm happy to read it ! I like to read and like to cook too ! So it's perfect !

Jenny said...

I too love the Joanne Fluke books. She is so much fun to read and I always love to try some of her recipies. That is the thing with me and her books...I am always thinking about food...grins...Hope you are having a good day.