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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Brontes' Christmas

The Brontes' Christmas

A book compiled with excerpts of writings of the three Bronte Sisters as well as counterparts of their day. It describes the sober celebrations that the sisters might have shared under the watchful eye of their Aunt Bramwell and their father and  reveals the tradition Charlotte had of taking spice cake to families around her. A chance to read stories and poetry of the season.

An enjoyable anthology of stories and poetry which I enjoyed reading spread across the 12 Days of Christmas.

Happy reading!


Patricia said...

Sounds good Heidi. I wish I'd known before although I might get it now ready for next Christmas (I can't believe I just said that) time goes so quickly as it is.
Patricia x

Rosie said...

I'm sure I'd enjoy this book! Like Patricia, I'll look out for it for next Christmas. Thanks for sharing:)

Julie said...

I like to hear what traditions there used to be for people, I wonder if some might come back in time.

Nancy said...

Okay read the stories, but stay out of their graveyard. hahahahaha.
I can still see you saying ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh as you went down warning us to be careful.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

This one and "I Saw Three Ships" sound like ones I need to add to my Christmas reading. :-) Thanks for sharing.