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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chocolate Wishes

I just closed the book Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley with a sad heart. This book brought me back to the village of Sticklepond after my first visit in her book A Winter's Tale.

Chloe has spent her life raising her little brother Jake. One Easter, she makes him chocolate Easter eggs bringing an idea to her mind of creating chocolate wishes. They are winged hearts with a message inside much like a fortune cookie. She has thrown herself into a thriving online chocolate business and left love behind her when her grandfather informs her that they will be moving to the village of Sticklepond where she will have her own cottage, walled garden and chocolate shop. Her grandfather and aunt will live in the house connected to the shop which is also a museum. Her grandfather is the famous author Gregory Warlock who is setting up a museum on witchcraft and pagan traditions. But what will the new vicar have to say?

Chloe's best friends Felix and Poppy live in the village so she falls into life there easily. Felix seems to see Chloe in a different light but, when ex-fiancee David shows up wanting to move to the area as well as an ex-pop star vicar who is a ghost of the past, Chloe might have a hard time keeping to her desire to live life as a single woman with a thriving business.

This story is a fun story about life, love and families. But in Trisha Ashley's style, the characters are brought to life in the pages of her books. You cannot help but be pulled in with characters such as Chloe, Felix, Raffy and Poppy or the Gothic loving brother Jake, eccentric grandfather Grumps or colorful aunt Zillah or imposing Hebe Winter. The villagers come to like in this wonderful story. I would recommend you first read A  Winter's Tale as many of the characters are mentioned again in this book. But that being said, it could easily be read without the first book too.

Happy reading!


Elizabethd said...

I enjoyed it too. I think there is another one to follow it.

HeidiInHolland said...

Oh thanks Elizabethd! I just looked it up and yes there is yet another Sticklepond book. Will be ordering that one soon...

Nancy said...

Okay, second try now. I said, the cover alone makes you want to read this book. Whoever designed that was a smart cookie. LOL
I am going to look it up on my Nook. Maybe I will try it, it sounds like a good story.
Love Mom

Elizabethd said...

Its Chocolate Shoes and wedding blues.

Rosie said...

I love the Sticklepond books, I must try and read the latest one:)

Julie said...

Any book about chocolate has my vote lol.