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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Novel in the Viola


This is the second novel by Natasha Solomons. I have read a number of negative reviews lately about this one. I must say that I did enjoy it. I have found novels set in WWII very interesting. I find them intriguing to place yourself through the pages in these turbulent times.

This is the story of Elise Landau told by herself looking back. She is sent by her parents from Vienna to England on a domestic service visa knowing a war is coming. They want to be sure Elise is safe. She is employed at Tyneford House owned by Mr. Rivers. This starts her on a long new life where her entire world changes. She finds loves and then war ravages all she cares for.

I am leaving this review short as I would not want to give away too much for anyone wanting to read it. Maybe one of the things that heightened this for me was having seen a documentary on the BBC over domestic service and how it changed in time. It covered the many girls and women who came over from Austria and Germany before the war broke out. To hear the words of one of these women being interviewed brought this story even more to life for me.

Happy reading!

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Nancy said...

Not sure I would like it, but glad you did. Now on to your next read. LOL. I know you have many standing by.
Love you, Mom