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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Strawberry buttermilk

In Holland, buttermilk is very popular. It is something many drink with their lunchtime sandwiches. I normally do not drink it but when it is turned into strawberry buttermilk, it is simply delicious. You are able to buy 0% fat buttermilk here so see if you can buy something low fat to give yourself a wonderful and simple summertime treat.

Clean and puree a bowl of strawberries. This is not rocket science and I simply make it without measuring. I make this in a one liter (one quart) jug so ended up with about 300 ml (1 to 1-1/4 cup) strawberry puree.

Now simply pour in the buttermilk to fill your jug and mix well. Chill well and enjoy a very healthy treat!

Bon appetit or eet smakelijk!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Heidi. My mother's family always drank buttermilk with their lunch, especially sandwiches but I could never acquire a taste for it. I still do not drink it, but this is a great solution--and I love strawberries. I hope your week is going well. Take care!

Susan in SC said...

My mother used to drink buttermilk. I just don't think I could do it - strawberries or not! LOL!!

Nancy said...

Well I don't like Buttermilk, but this sure does look good.
Love Mom