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"She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain." ~ Louisa May Alcott

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maeve Binchy...A tribute

This month is ending on a very sad note. It was announced on the morning news that Maeve Binchy has died at the age of 72. The world has lost such a wonderful story teller! When you read a book by Maeve, you join in with Irish village life. For that time, we are all Irish living in the street she tells us about. You walk into her books like they are really happening...unfolding before your eyes. We will miss you dear Maeve and thank you for the warm stories you leave for us!

She left us a legacy of so many wonderful novels. I decided that I am going to start reading a Maeve Binchy book each month. I think I simply do not want to let go of knowing she is there and a new book is coming out. This way I can keep her near for a while longer.

Happy reading!


quilt32 said...

This is a lovely tribute. I like your idea of reading one of her books each month. One of my favorite authors.

Nancy said...

I am trying one more time doing this. I hate the dumb words you have to type in.
I know you and Janey loved her books, but I could not get into them. I tried the Lilac Bus and thought it was so stupid. Sorry but glad you liked her books anyway.
Love you, Mom

Linda said...

I have a few of her books but haven't actaully read most of them. 72 seems too younger to die, sorry to hear it.

Elizabethd said...

I love her books and am so sad to hear this news.

Jenny said...

This is so sad. I have loved her books for years. The Scarlett Feather and Tara Road are some of my favorites but all of her books were so enjoyable. I love your idea of reading one of her books a month, it is a good way to remember her wonderful talent as an author.

Deborah said...

I was sorry to hear of her passing. I have been reading her books for years. Bought my first one on a trip to Ireland years ago.

Susan in SC said...

I have not read any of her books but think I will give them a try based on your recommendation. She will be missed by her fans.

Julie said...

A lovely tribute.
It's strange that i should read my very first book by her and she should pass away in the same month. We have lots more at the Book group so i am sure i will be reading many more of her lovely tales.