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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Cotswold Ordeal

A Cotswold Ordeal

A Cotswold Ordeal is the second in the Cotswold Mysteries by Rebecca Tope. Thea is at her second housesitting assignment when she discovers a young man hanging from the rafters of one of the barns. A suicide? In the meantime, her sister stays with her at the house called Juniper Court while spending some needed time away from her abusive husband. The two sisters cannot seem to help becoming involved in the story of this Cotswold village while Thea also seems to become more involved with DI Phil Hollis.

I really enjoyed this mystery. It was a mystery where you think you figured out whodunnit and ended up being totally wrong. When the real motive for murder comes out, you find the story twisted without your even seeing it coming.

I am disappointed that I cannot get the third book in this series on Audible.com. I have no ídea why since they do have all the others. I will have to get the book to read before I get the next audiobook.

Happy reading!


Nancy said...

I just looked this author up on my nook. Her books are all $7.42. I am cheap and haven't paid more than
$5 for a book yet and have over 100 books. You can read some great authors never read before just by trying them.
Happy reading,
Love Mom

Elizabethd said...

Funnily enough I didnt enjoy the one book I reaad in that series...I think it was just too improbable!

Susan in SC said...

I really enjoy a good mystery! I will have to put this on my list.

Rosie said...

Glad you are enjoying this series of books, I have enjoyed reading them too - I think I still have the latest one to read. I must check and order it at the library:)

Jenny said...

Another good mystery recommendation....grins...I especially love books that take place in England so I will have to check her out! Just finished The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte and loved that one so much and have started a cozy mystery series by Tim Myers on my Nook. I think of you often my friend and hope you are doing okay. Here is a hug from CA.

Nan said...

I hardly ever get the criminal right! :<) Thanks for the recommendation.

Julie said...

Sounds a great book to read or listen too. I love a twist in the tale to a story.