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Monday, June 4, 2012

A Killer Stitch

A Killer Stitch

Reading the next in line of the knitting mysteries by Maggie Sefton is like coming to meet with an old friend. You catch back up with all those you knew and another adventure begins...

When alpaca rancher Derek Cooper is discovered dead, there is a shock among The House of Lambspun shop as it directly affects his girlfriend Lucy. But it soon becomes apparent that Derek has been murdered. As Kelly discovers more to help Diane who is suspect number one and also Kelly's good friends Jennifer's friends, she discovers that Derek was a man with a reputation and many enemies.

Once again, a really good cozy mystery to curl up with!

Happy reading!


Rosie said...

I haven't come across that series of books before. Sounds intriguing I must look them up:)

Nancy said...

I Love all these books, you bought me the first two and then I got several from the library. She has a new one out today, I sent you her newsletter I got on email.
Love you, Mom

Susan in SC said...

This sounds like my type of book!