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Friday, May 25, 2012

Strawberry season!

Strawberry season has started with a vengeance. The weather suddenly turned from cold, grey and wet to very hot and sunny. Jos bought the first strawberries of the season on the way home from working for an afternoon in Germany. They were selling them at a roadside stand by a strawberry field. We enjoyed them with ice cream but I saved about a third of them for another treat...

Sorry but I started drinking it before I remembered to take a photo. *grins* Here is a strawberry banana smoothie. I just cut up the strawberries along with two ripe bananas and pureed them. They were such a tasty treat that was also full of vitamins.

Of course, perhaps this view of our garden as we sat and drank the smoothies does help make it taste that little bit better. We started this garden last year from patches of grass and uncared for plants. What a difference a year makes. I sit and have to pinch myself that it is really ours.

Enjoy your weekend and the sunshine in your garden!


Nancy said...

That looks very yummy and yes refreshing too. Jos can be so proud of his build there, can't wait to see the flowers blooming over it.
I love strawberries. Good stop Jos.
Love you, Mom

Ginny said...

Your garden looks amazing! We have been buying strawberries from the store - who knows where they come from - but won't have local ones for another couple of weeks at least. Our weather has also suddenly turned hot and humid. Today was 85!

Jenny said...

Your garden is beautiful Heidi and those smoothies look delicious. We love Strawberry/Banana smoothies at our house, but then again we love Strawberries period! They are here now too...yum... our weather has been really hot the last week or so but today and yesterday we are cold, rainy and windy. A good day for a project and a good book...thinking about the Bronte sisters and a classic for a change of pace...grins...hugs from Ca. my friend. I hope you are feeling better every day!