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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Girl on the Cliff

This is going to be a difficult book review. Why, you ask? Because it was a F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S book an I do not want to reveal too much so that all the surprises as this story twists and turns remain as exciting for you. The Girl on the Cliff is Lucinda Riley's second book. I have had her first book sitting on my shelves waiting to be read but also ordered this one. I wanted to grab a new book and it just seemed to cry out to me. Now having read it...I think it really did.

Where can I begin? On the cliff top perhaps with Grania as she sees what seems a vision of a beautiful and graceful little girl? Grania comes back to Ireland to spend time with her family after the terrible loss of her unborn child. She meets Aurora who touches her life in ways she could never have dreamed of. She finds her past through this little girl, learning about her family's history over many years and two world wars. She finds that life twists in ways you never expect and ties can be bound over many generations.

This book is like watching a beautiful tapestry unfold in front of your eyes. You think you have seen it and another color is added bringing it all into a new dimension. This is an amazing story which unfolds in front of you up to the very last page. Five stars is not enough to rate this book which is a must read for 2012!
Thank you Lucinda Riley for a wonderful world that I was able to be a part of!

Happy reading!


Linda said...

Sounds wonderful.

Jenny said...

OMG!!!! I have her first book on my list to read and now this is added too. I can hardly wait!!! I have been looking for some new reading material and Lucinda Riley really caught my attention. I just finished a Kate Morton book The Forgotten Garden and could not put it down. I loved The Secret Garden as a child and this held the same magic for me. Now that I have finished it Lucinda Riley here I come!!!

Nancy said...

I know how much you talked about this book as you were reading it. I looked it up on my nook and it is not there. You then told me it is not out in the USA yet.
Glad you had a good read.
Love you, Mom

Joni J CHL said...

Thanks for the information. - On my to-read list!! Sounds fabulous!.

Littlebit said...

Oh shoot! I just read your mom's comment about it not being available in the US! it sounds like a nice read. Thanks for the review, Heidi.

Melanie said...

That sounds like a great story! I'll have to put it on my to-read list.

Annie said...

Thanks for your enthousiast post, Heidi ! I like a lot when people who write about a book loved it;