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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Gardener

The Gardener

What a fun book to add a review of after my last post about the fruit smoothie and our garden. I finished The Gardener by Prue Leith over the weekend. I spent hours reading this while sitting in the shade in our city garden and that at Cranberry Cottage. It perhaps enhanced the feeling of this book to sit in a garden reading it.

Lotte is looking for a whole new start with her three children after feeling unsettled and unhappy in London following her divorce. She applies for a job as head gardener at Maddon Park in Oxfordshire. Her past as an architect as well as her new education in garden history have made her very qualified for this position. She begins to research the house and garden for her employer...the wealthy Brody Keegan. During her research, friendships develop between herself and Maddon Park, Brody, and Peter, the archive librarian. The garden is constantly revealing its past mysteries while I felt that Lotte was also finding herself blossoming in her new life.

I enjoyed the gardening references in the book. They made me want to run to visit any nearby historical gardens.

I also found myself involved with Lotte in wanting to smack Amber (Brody's spoiled young wife) into reality and cheered Peter on throughout the book. I wanted Lotte to succeed in each endevour to uncover more of Maddon Park.

A perfect summer read!

Happy reading!


Jenny said...

This book sounds really good. I am going to have to look it up on my Nook...grins...Right now I am finishing The Lucky One by Nicolas Sparks. Emily and I went to see that movie and I absolutely loved it... so of course I had to reread the book...which I also love. How fortunate we are to have a love of reading...I do not know what I would do without books...they have brought magic to my world since I was a very little girl listening to my Mom read to me. Hugs from CA.

Rosie said...

Your review of the book rings a bell with me and I'm sure I've read it as I remember the names of Lotte and Madddon. I also remember reading 'Leaving Patrick' by Pru Leith and being pleasantly surprised by her fiction writing as I'd only known her as a cookery writer:)

Nancy said...

Sounds good, I just finished a series of books that I started out not sure of, but loved them, they were only 99cents each on my nook and you have to read them in order.
Sheila Horgan was the author and the first book is Hot Tea. I sure recommend them.
Love you, Mom