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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Writing Jane Austen: A Novel

This was one of the audible books that I have loaded onto my Kindle. It was narrated by Julia Whelan.

Georgina Jackson is an American author living in London. Her first book had been successful but her second is slow in coming. Her agent calls her to a meeting to inform her that she wants her to finish a Jane Austen novel that was found with only the first chapter written by the legendary author. Georgina's writer's block has set in plus she is a total novice of all things Austen. But she needs the money when she discovers her university grant has been cancelled and takes on the project.

I am still undecided as to how much I did like this novel. I found it to be tedious at times. While going to places touched by Jane Austen, Georgina sees and hears shadows of Austen's time but this story line seems to just pop up its head here and there yet never develops into anything. I found that rather a shame as it could have been played upon more. Instead it became almost irrelevant to the rest of the novel as it was touched on and then left hanging. A missed chance? Instead I found myself screaming in my mind for Georgina to get on with things until she finally starts reading Jane's novels. This became another book that starts well and ends well but leaves me flat in the middle. I loved how the book turned out for Georgina but do not want to spoil it so my lips are sealed. If you are a fan of happy ever after romance then you will enjoy this book.

Happy reading!

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