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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Cotswold Killing

A Cotswold Killing

I was able to finish off the month of April listening to A Cotswold Killing by Rebecca Tope. This series was new to me. From what I can find there are seven books written so far in this mystery series.

In the first book, we meet newly widowed Thea Osborne and her dog Hepzibah. Thea has taken her first job as a house-sitter. The house lies in the little village of Duntisbourne Abbot where she cares for the house, two dogs and small flock of sheep while a couple go off on a cruise. Her "neighbor" stops by immediately to say hello but ends up being found dead the following day. Thea is caught up in village life and discovering the secret that will lead to the killer.

I am going to continue with this series as I found the descriptions of the Cotswold and village life as good as the mystery story line within it.


Rosie said...

I love this series of books; I've read quite a few of them now and like you love the descriptions of the Cotswold villages and countryside, the houses she looks after as well as liking the character of Thea Osborne:)

Linda said...

I just looked it up, they have it in my library, so I'll have to read it when I finish the stack I'm working on now. They had several I'll probably start with the first in the series.

Nancy said...

The cover would pull me in right away. I love red phone boxes and it is a crime that England is doing away with them.
We had such a good time in the Cotswolds, Wonderful memories will always be with us.
This sounds like a good book.
Love you, Mom

Andrea said...

Heidi-I hope you are well. I read your post to CHL this morning and am worried for you.

Here is a book I just started reading. It is full of memories and recipes of the WHite House pastry chef through the years of Presidents Carter through Clinton.
Roland Mesnier was born and trained in France as a pastry chef--spending summers training under his brother, a village baker.

Best Wishes,