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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Baker's Apprentice

I finally finished reading The Baker's Apprentice by Judith Ryan Hendricks. I must clarify saying finally finished. A couple of years ago, I read the first book of this series called Bread Alone. The book was in a word ... fabulous! I hated closing the book after the last page. I loved the characters and Wyn was a worthy person to cheer on in life. I loved the chemistry between her and Mac. I loved the setting of the Queen Street Bakery in Seattle. It was like the feeling you get inside when you pull a piece of warm crusty bread off and pop it in your mouth. This is not a review of Bread Alone as I read it before I started my blog but I would highly recommend that book. 

I was excited to start on the sequel called The Baker's Apprentice. It started out well with me back in the bakery watching Wyn working on baking the bread in the night ready for customers to arrive in the morning. I could smell the bread as it baked up golden and crusty in the oven. But...it left me flat after it was getting started. I was very irritated with how events went for both Wyn and Mac. I almost did not finish it. Almost...however I am glad I did finish as I continued and the last chapters suddenly came alive again as I remembered in Bread Alone. I found myself cheering Wyn and Mac once again to achieve a happy ending together. I cannot say it was a great read like the first book but it did redeem itself in the end. 

Happy reading!


Nancy said...

Okay, for the third time, I am trying to leave a comment. The book sounds good so I checked my nook and it is $9.99 so I am passing on it.
Your review does make you smell the bread and makes me want to good bread you warm in the oven when I am there. Hey, we didn't have it the last time we were there. Hummmmm
Not good.
Okay happy reading,
Love Mom

Patricia said...

Yes I've done that plenty of times Heidi, started on a book and then not picked it up for ages. I think you get a gut feeling from the beginning that it's not your cup of tea. Patricia

Rosie said...

Isn't it disappointing when you love a book so much and then the sequel comes out and it just isn't the same? I sometimes leave a book for a while and go back to it and try not to give up on it entirely but sometimes you have to as it just isn't working:)

Vera said...

Hi Heidi, I've read both books and agree with your reviews -- I loved the first one (Bread Alone), but found the Baker's Apprentice to be very disappointing. I'm not sure, but I thought there was another one in the series? Vera