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Monday, February 20, 2012

Chili Con Corpes

Chili Con Corpses (The Supper Club Mysteries)

I was able to get this book as a special free offer on my Kindle. It is a new (to me) cozy mystery series. I did not realize that this was the third in the series when I started it as I like reading cozies in order. It did work well on its own and I found myself falling into line with getting to know each of the members of Supper Club as well as others living in Quincy's Gap.

Food is important to the Supper Club and they decide to take a Mexican cooking class joined by a few friends. But when one ends up dead while chaperoning  a school trip, the Supper Club decides to look into the death themselves. Will they be able to make the murderer confess before another friend ends up dead?

Friendships are as important a theme in this mystery series as food. The recipes created in the Mexican cooking course are contained in the book.

Happy reading!


Nancy said...

Well, when you told me about this, I tried to get it on the nook. It wasn't free there. Oh well. Sometimes we can both get the same free ones. I have two I just paid 99cents for and that isn't bad either. Right now I am reading (actual book) Fern Micheals, Vegas Sunrise. I like it, it is my niece's book. Some of her books are good and some not so much.
I did finished the one you told me to get and it was free. About ghosts. lol.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

I was never a murder mystery reader until I came across the Tea Shop mysteries by Laura Childs. I have been hooked ever since. Thanks for another series, as I am on the last Tea Shop book.

blessings, jilly

Anonymous said...

Great review, Heidi. The book sounds cozy and fun...think I will look up which is the first in this series and give it a try.


Birgit said...

So you would recommend this book, Heidi? How would you rate it? Feedback would be very welcome!

Happy reading,