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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale by Trisha Ashley will be of interest to those liking a read about garden restoration, old medieval houses, Shakespeare, witchcraft or just light romance.

Sophy Winter has just been displaced after her job as housekeeper and PA to a lady in a large country estate in Scotland ends only to find she has inherited her own grandfather's country house Winter's End. Her grandfather had placed the estate in debt and allowed the house to deteriorate as he fulfilled his passion to restore the medieval gardens to their former glory. Sophy arrives at the ancestral home after having left with her mother as a little girl only to find that her heart is at Winter's End. Now she must battle the costs of keeping up an old home as well as her newly found cousin Jack's desire to inherit the house along with the title which was passed to him. Sophy has once again started seeing Alys' presence in the house as she had when she was a little girl. But Alys is not an imaginary friend of childhood...she is Sophy's relative from the past who might be the key to Winter's End's future...

I enjoyed this book although I found the last third of the book begun to drag a little. I was sorry that it did not go more into detail of certain areas (sorry but giving details would spoil the plot) as it all came to a pinnacle and ended rather quickly. That being said, it is an enjoyable light read that will bring you through a winter's day.

 Knot garden at Hatfield House

This book did make me want to look into more books about knot gardens. I am going to do a little research to find any other books with knot gardens as the theme.

Happy reading!


Jenny said...

This book sounds like a cozy winter's day read. I love anything to do with houses, whether it is a story about them or a sampler with them in it...grins...Right now I am reading the Carrie Bebris... Mr. and Mrs. Darcy series... and liking it so far. Hugs from CA.

Elizabethd said...

I have recently read this one, and agree with you, comfortable, but could have gone further!