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Monday, January 9, 2012

Sarny...A Life Remembered

I started this book (Sarny...A Life Remembered by Gary Paulsen) out not thinking I was going to like but I really did. It is the continuation of the book Nightjohn. I cannot help thinking I wish I had the first book to have read before this one. But in the end, I am touched by this story of a slave woman named Sarny.

Her story is about the end of slavery and how she set out to find her two children who were sold away from her. In her struggle to get to New Orleans where her children were, she sees the brutality of the battlefields and meets up with Miss Laura. At first, she is simply working for Miss Laura but she befriends this unique woman who changes her life. She finds her true mission in life is teaching other black people to read and write. She dedicates her life to that mission.

A truly touching read...


Nancy said...

First, you said I gave this book to you,,,,,don't remember.
Second, you said I read it....don't remember that either. lol
Love you, Mom
PS: I just read 6 books on my nook in a week.... maybe that's why I don't remember.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful review, Heidi, of abook that would touch me deeply. I am drawn to these tales of slavery and how the black american's survived after.

Thanks for the review;

Elizabethd said...

That isnt one that I know, but it certainly sounds interesting.

Annie said...

I 'd like to read more about this time and difficult history. Thanks for your review !