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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Weekend with Mr. Darcy

A Weekend With Mr Darcy

My first book for 2012 was a romance of Austenian proportions which I thoroughly enjoyed. I listened to the audiobook read by Victoria Brazier. The book A Weekend with Mr. Darcy is the first in an Austen addicts trilogy written by Victoria Connelly.

Katherine Roberts and Robyn Love are both attending a Jane Austen conference at Purley Hall. Katherine is hoping her friend Lorna Warwick will also be there. Instead she meets the handsome Warwick Lawton and has fallen in love. Robyn is trying to no avail to escape her schooltime love Jace who decides to take her to the conference. The conference becomes a time of romance and intrigue fit for a Jane Austen novel with each woman encountering their own Mr. Darcy.

This is a fun and light book with a true Austen-like happy ending. I can recommend this one. Especially with Valentine's Day just around the corner, it would be a perfect read.

Happy reading!


Nancy said...

That sounds like a very cute book. I might have to look for it on my nook. I know it is there cause I did see it when going through shop. I am so addicted to that nook it is crazy. I did manage to get finished with two knitting projects though.
Hope the Kindle truck comes back soon. Well, maybe I should not wish that, then you won't want to use it again. haha.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Sweet review that sounds like great book to give at Valentines Day indeed.

Nice job, Heidi.

Ginny said...

I went over to Amazon and saw that the Kindle edition is $1.99, so based on your recommendation, I decided to purchase it. I'm going to try very hard to remember to read it when (if?) I ever finish the novel I'm currently reading!

Esme said...

What a great cover-although I must confess I am not an Austen fan.