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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Behind the Attic Wall

Behind the Attic Wall is child's fiction by Sylvia Cassedy. A little orphaned girl named Maggie is sent to live with her great aunts Harriet and Lillian after being sent away from yet another boarding school. She is thin and pale and not very versed in being social. Her Uncle Morris seems to have a very special understanding of her. She hears voices from behind the walls and eventually discover a secret room in the attic where two dolls and a china dog are alive. I do not want to say much more to spoil the story in the off chance that you would want to read it.

The books started off to seem a fun read but turned very eerily strange to me. If I had a child, I would not want her to read it. The book ends abruptly and unclear I think for the ages of children it is intended for.

Happy reading!

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Susan in SC said...

That does seem rather odd for a children's book. A bit spooky!