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Friday, October 17, 2014

Molly's Millions


I would loved to have given this book 4 stars out of 5 but an irritation of something in it brought it down a notch for me. Instead it is 3 stars for me. 

The florist Molly Bailey runs out of her floral shop to buy a lottery ticket at the end of the day. She wins 4.2 million pounds. Molly's family is miserly and she keeps it a secret running off on an adventure to give away money to others to make them happy. Tom MacKenzie gets hold of the story from the start and decides to pack up his car and follow her. What he did not bargain for was the arrival of his daughter Flora on his doorstep the very morning he was to leave. She tags along and makes a great sidekick for him on his chase. 

The story is fun and predictable. It is all that chic lit is supposed to be but I became irritated by some remarks about Americans by Tom. I felt the remarks did not add to the story in the least. It was almost as if the author (who I have contacted by email previously after reading another book and found her such a nice lady) was putting forth her own thoughts just for the sake of them. I was amazed as I found them inappropriate. It is my own opinion and many may read this and not think twice about it but I come from a background where some things need not be said in life.

Happy reading!

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Patricia said...

Oh I so agree with you Heidi. I haven't read this book but can imagine that remarks about your home country would be annoying. I have recently bought a book written by a longstanding American author who had written about a trip to the UK and found it to be quite patronising. Lovely book but....
Patricia x