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Friday, March 1, 2013

Pastures New

Pastures New is yet another entertaining book Julia Williams which has a gardening theme. This really attracts me to her books especially with my longing to get back out into the garden.

Amy Nicolson sells her apartment and takes her son to the Suffolk village of Nevermorewell to start a new life. She is missing her boyfriend and son Josh's father so much after his death that it seems the best thing to do. Right away, Amy starts to feel part of the community and meets many new people through the allotments just outside her back garden. The house she has rented comes with one of those allotments which is just perfect for Amy. Part of her trying to deal with her grief was taking a gardening course so she is looking forward to getting out and digging in the dirt.

She has however gotten off to a bad start with Dr. Ben Martin. A series of mishaps seems to make them see each other in quite a bad light. But then when Amy looks again, Ben is a very handsome man who makes her feels comfortable in her new surroundings...

She meets her neighbor Harry who becomes the father to her and grandfather to Josh that they never had...

She runs into Saffron while walking to school one morning with Josh. What she doesn't know is that she and Saffron share a love of gardening that will bring Amy a new job...

With Gerry who is Saffron's ex-husband and his girlfriend Maddy, her landlady Caroline who was traveling the world but suddenly shows up to upset everyone, Linda the pole-dancing teacher and Edie and Ada with their cakes, there is a fun mix of characters in this little English village. Julia Williams has a way of making the villages she writes about come to life in your mind's eye.

Happy reading!


Julie said...

What a lovely front cover that book has.

Patricia said...

This looks like a nice easy read Heidi. Haven't spoken for a while, hope you are well.
Patricia x

Nancy said...

I just typed a comment and it did not work. Oh well, not doing it all again. Sounds like a good book though.
Love you, Mom