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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice by Beverly Lewis is the third in a series called Abram's Daughters. I had read the first two books a number of years ago. It is a good series but I will not read the next book for the time being as the story has not grabbed me enough. In this part, we find Hannah becoming baptized into the Amish church while her twin Mary Ruth has chosen her way in the Mennonite faith. Leah goes through life changes finding herself wanting to keep a promise made on her mother's death bed. Sadie contacts the bishop but will she start making a path back home to her family?
Beverly Lewis' description of the surrounding countryside and wooded areas were well done but I found the story less griping as the first two books in the series. It became too predictable for me.

Happy reading!


Susan in SC said...

I share this view with you. I was disappointed in the third book and have not read any more.

Nancy said...

I cannot remember how many of these I read. I can't keep up with all I read. I write most names down. Maybe now that I bought a nook I can keep better list on the shelves you can create.
Love you, Mom