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Friday, September 9, 2011

Murder is Binding

Cozy mysteries are great fun to read and this one is one of the best I have read. From the first page, I wanted to slap a character who was just too mean and cantankerousness to live in the quaint town of Stoneham, New Hampshire. Well, by the end of chapter one, there she lay sprawled out on the floor of her bookshop. But when neighboring mystery bookshop owner Tricia is accused by the sheriff of committing the murder, what else could she do but find the real killer. Add to that mix, her sister has moved to town, like it or not, the sweet Mr. Everett who is a daily regular customer she hires to work for her and her bookshop cat Miss Marple and you have the recipe for a very good cozy read!

I loved the twist of an exciting ending and know I will be reading more in this series now. Maybe it is because any book lover is attracted to a village like Stoneham and its variety of bookshops selling old and new books. The second in this series is already on my wish list.

This has gone up high on my list with my favorite cozy authors like Laura Childs, Susan Wittig Albert, Monica Ferris or Nancy Atherton. A must read for mystery lovers!


Nancy said...

Don't forget Maggie Sefton. I love her books too. I didn't remember this book until I saw the cover. This was a good book.
Love you, Mom

Linda said...

Yes, I love these books too. I'm currently reading a Laura Child's tea mystery. Linda

Jenny said...

Ohhhhh......another cozy mystery recommendation. I love books like this, in fact I just finished Earlene Fowlers newest one " Spider Web" and really loved it. I thought it was her best one yet and I have loved all her books...grins... Here is a special hug from Ca. Take care my friend.

Caroline said...


It has been a long time, just found your new blog... Am a bit shocked by what I read about your health in one of the other blogs, hope that it all will work out for the best!

One of these days I will start blogging again, not quite ready yet. Meanwhile I will enjoy reading your blogs! I have never read a cozy mystery, but will have to soon by the looks of it. They look lovely!

Enjoy your week at Cranberry cottage!