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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

204 Rosewood Lane


Another fun visit to the cove! When you get into this series, you want to move to the cove yourself. 204 Rosewood Lane is the house of Grace. She is coming to terms with Dan's disappearance and trying to get a new start in life. But while she is starting to feel something for Cliff, she is struggling to chase away the ghosts of the past. 

In the meantime, new additions are coming to the cove as Grace's daughter Maryellen and Olivia's daughter Justine are both pregnant. 

Life has its ups and downs and some families find it impossible to stay together while others are starting out or hanging on. I enjoyed my latest visit to the cove.....

Happy reading!


Elizabethd said...

I read the whole Cedar Cove series...loved them!

Julie said...

We have a collection of these growing at out Book Borrowers, something to look forward to reading when we have the full set and the first one!

Patricia said...

This looks like a good book to look out for Heidi. Hope you are well.
Paticia x

Nancy said...

Love love love Debbie Macomber. I read all of these books then saw the series on Hallmark Channel at Kristys. I just finished four books last week. I am on a reading binge.
lol. They were fast reads which you will find out since you borrowed one.
Love you, Mom

NADINE said...

OMG, Heidi, I just discovered this blog of yours and what a blessing ! THANKS, dear ...
I'm sorry I didn't see it before but I'm gnna catch up with delight *Ü*


Vicki said...

I'm happy to have collected the entire series. It becomes a place you know and yearn to live in or visit.

I think the author is a genius; she turns out so many books...and has, for so many years.

Best wishes to you in Holland.

hazel said...

I love Debbie's books and first heard of them when I visited a few years ago now, that was a wonderful week spent with you.

Hope you and Jos are well and the bad weather has not been near you.