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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Just for Christmas


Each December, I like to read books with a holiday theme. I happened upon Just For Christmas when I placed my last book order and thought I would give this (new to me) author, Scarlett Bailey, a try.

Alex Munro has left Scotland for Poldore, Cornwall. She is escaping two majors incidents in her life. First, she declared her love for her best friend Marcus at his engagement party which backfired on her. Then she came home only to walk in on her father with his lover who also happened to be the lifelong next door neighbor. She had grown up without a mother so this was a major shock to Alex and she decided it was time to move away and find a new life.

Upon arriving in the little village, she found a dirty, rundown cottage which went along with the job. But worse, it came with a dog who was even dirtier and quite vicious at their first meeting. Bouy came with the job as harbour master. Alex did not want a dog and wanted to simply get settled in and hopefully start to become part of village life.

Alex is a likable character who becomes lovable as the book moves on and she starts to fit in with the village life. She is a young woman who is herself and loves doing her job which happens to be a position normally held by men. I enjoyed watching her bloom into being able to be the tomboy figure needed perhaps to hold such a male oriented job while discovering her female side as she gets to know a number of the humorous villagers. Add a pushy aristocrat who is organizing the annual Christmas pageant and has Alex in her sights and you have a fun, humorous read for the holidays with a little romance thrown in.

Happy reading!


Julie said...

I saw this on the bookshelf the other day at a local store, people were buying it.

Nancy said...

This sounds really good, I will see how much it is on the Kindle. I just read Coming Home for Christmas by Jenny Hale. It was good too.
Have fun reading, I sure do.
Love you, Mom
PS: Remember when you used to tell me to stop reading?????