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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tea with Emma

I have been in a tea mood lately so decided to make myself a nice pot of hot Darjeeling tea and start reading Tea with Emmy by Diana Moody. This novella is part of a series of three. Each book stands apart. It was a nice read with a little Jane Austen thrown in. That can never be a bad thing.

Maddie and her friend Lanie have just returned from a trip to England where they visited Chawton and saw Jane Austen's cottage. While there they visited the tea rooms across the road from the cottage and Maddie got the idea to start a tea room of her own. She would bring Austen to Austin...Texas that is. On the plane, they seem to be annoying Scrooge who is sitting in front of them. Back home, Maddie discovers Scrooge's real name is Dr. Ian Grant and he is living in the guest house of the university which is across the street from her own home she shares with her grandmother.

Maddie decides that she wants to be a modern day Emma and do some matchmaking. But as with Emma in Jane Austen's time, it seems to go all terribly wrong.

A fun and quick romance that might have you running to make a cup of tea. I particularly enjoyed it as I dream of starting a tea garden myself. If only I lived out in the country.....

My only comment is the Christian theme to the book seemed forced and disconnected to the story.

Happy reading!


Tea norman said...

I really like this book. Glad I stopped by to read your review. Hope I can find the novella.

Nancy said...

Okay, this sounds like a cute book. We had tea in that tea shop near Jane Austin's house. It was neat. I just finish The Silver Boat and started After Tex by Sherryl Wood. I like her books a lot.
Love Mom

Patricia said...

As I'm writing this, I'm sipping my favourite cup of Earl Grey, there's nothing like it for me. This book sounds good and one for my reading list.
Patricia x

Rosie said...

I must look out for this as it sounds just the thing for reading whilst sipping tea in the garden:)

Julie said...

Cup of tea and a nice book....perfect combination.