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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Up With The Larks...Starting Again in Cornwall

Up With the Larks: Starting Again in Cornwall

Just finished Up With The Larks...Starting Again in Cornwall, the memoirs of Tessa Hainsworth. A warm blanket of remembrances of Tessa's first year in Cornwall and becoming a postie. While she takes us through her trials and tribulations of getting grounded in her new country life, she allows us a look into her new found village life. We meet the others living there and almost become friends with them too. Tessa is dubbed Mrs. Posh Postie on her rounds but a year living in her cottage and participating in village life proves she is far removed from the posh London lifestyle she left behind.

I found myself laughing at situation or feeling so down her her in others. I think it is sharpened in the fact that we are also second homers. We have a tiny cottage in the north of Holland which is our home away from the city. I long to be able to do what Tessa did and move there to make it our home. I also understood her feeling of frustration as the emmets (tourists) clog up the roads and towns during the summer season. We have even faced a situation like hers of having to drive in reverse a long stretch of road due to a very rude male tourist who refused to let us pass once. I could really feel her emotions due to that shared common ground.

The only good thing about finishing this book is there are two more books to follow. I can revisit some of the wonderful people in Cornwall with Tessa at my side.

Happy reading!


Patricia said...

Ah that sounds like my sort of book. I love finding out about others' ways of life. Definitely one for my wish list. Hope you are well Heidi. Have a good week.
Patricia x

Julie said...

A very interesting read by the sounds of it. Cornwall is somewhere I have never visited.

Anonymous said...

I find myself enjoying a series more than just one book, especially if I loved the book. I noticed in your previous post you were not to thrilled the 'Death comes to Pemberley'. Thanks, I was thinking about reading that one. Have you read the Carrie Bebris series?? I loved them, all based on Jane Austen's books and characters, all the while Mr. and Mrs. Darcy solving murders. There are six, and I so hope she writes more.


Nan said...

I have never heard of this so I thank you! I'm sure I'll love it.

Nancy said...

This sounds like a great book. I am going to see if the Nook has it.
Love Mom

Vicki said...

I'm very happy to know of this book! I haven't been to Cornwall but it's a fascinating place. I've read some fiction books using it as a locale and there's a public television series on American TV from the UK filmed there called "Doc Martin" which I tune into from time to time because it's such a little travelogue with its Cornwall film site. Thank you, Heidi. There was also a television movie some years back, based on a book by the same name, called "The Shell Seekers" (I think it was a Hallmark movie)...the actress, main character, was Angela Lansbury of film and stage (and also the TV series which was long-running whose name escapes me at the moment; she was a sleuth)...and the Cornwall scenes were so beautiful (there, and also Ibiza in the Balearic Islands off of Spain), I was hooked (I enjoyed the book, too). Oh, wow, would I love to go to Cornwall!

DebbieSFL said...

I am really interested in this book, but cannot find it for my nook or in my library...I'll keep looking.