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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Look what is for dinner.....

Mexican style pasta salad
340g / 12oz     can of corn, drained
420g/ 15oz    can of red kidney beans, drained
handfull of green olives
2 cups spiral pasta
300g / 11oz   jar of chunky salsa
French dressing
2 skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite size pieces
olive oil
chopped parsley

Cook the pasta as directed on the package and drain.

Drain the corn and kidney beans. Cut a hand full of green olives in half lengthwise. Mix the pasta, corn, beans, olives and salsa in a large mixing bowl.

Add enough French dressing to moisten the pasta salad as desired. I used 3 large serving spoons of dressing. This may be more or less depending on the thickness of your French dressing.

Fry the cut up chicken in a pan with olive oil until browned and cooked through. Add the chicken to the pasta salad and mix well. Chop a hand full of fresh parsley and mix again. Serve chilled.

Serve chilled.Wine to go with this dinner is:
Vega Del Cega Valdepenas
Tinto Tempranillo - Garnacha 2009
Bon appetit or, as we say in Holland, Eet smakelijk!


Nancy said...

Okay, this looks good and pretty easy to put together. I could make it, BUT, since I don't cook anymore, guess I won't try it. Happy eating anyway.
Love you, Mom
PS: I think you are going to have fun with this new blog.

Susan in SC said...

Delicious. I made a pasta salad similar to this last night for dinner. It was the hit of the dinner. It's so refreshing on a hot day like we have been having! This is definitely a keeper!

Joanne said...

Looks delicious, Heidi! Jacquelyn and I are big fans of pasta salads. I often make them with chick peas, cherub tomatoes cut in halves, some frozen peas, shredded cheese and toss it all with vinaigrette dressing. We'll often add some hard boiled egg on top.

Anonymous said...

I love any kind of pasta salad with chicken - I know I'll be trying this one.

Love your new blog.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Heidi.

De salade ziet er erg lekker uit, misschien is dit een lekker recept om te maken in de caravan tijdens de vakantie.

Liefs en hugs Bep.